Melding the best of ancient arts with modern application, we offer kickboxing  and Filipino Kali for kids and families. 

Classes are focused on realistic, effective techniques, taught in a safe and fun environment.



Kali is a Filipino art which was developed through the ages as the islanders defended their homes from from various invaders.  Battle skills were refined each generation, incorporating into Kali new techniques, movements, and strategy. 

Out of this process were forged extremely effective weapons techniques.  It also promoted a philosophy that embraced continual evolution of the art and practitioner.  

Tai Chi & Chi Kung


It is as important to train internally as it is externally.  

Whether you are practicing martial arts for self-defense, exercise, or to become a real-life ninja, learning about your chi and how to develop it is essential.  

Our classes are focused on using and increasing your chi through daily, easy practices.  There are no long forms to memorize, rather simple, powerful moves that help you quickly access and increase energy.